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As July of 2019 reached sizzling hot temperatures the Las Vegas Paper Bunny boutique was keepin it cool- real cool. Meet the hippest grandma to hit the Paper Bunny streets, new owner, Ms Cindy Andrus!

Reveling in new paper crafting supplies like McDuck in his money bin she has no trouble keeping up with the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Thru hands on training at Creativation to private meetings with top label brands (Lawn Fawn, Dress my Craft, Echo Park to name a few) she keeps extra sharp on current trends and customer favorites.

But despite all this one still might wonder what makes Cindy’s beans so cool?? One might answer by quoting her MO:

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, latte in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO, what a ride!”


Bright spirited with a dash of zany and sprinkle of sass, her easy manner, maternal nature and light-hearted humor combine to make a recipe just as sweet as her inventory. As a people enthusiast with a big heart she sees to it that every person that comes thru that door is greeted and treated as a new friend. Her rewards program might seem pretty standard, offering a $10 gift card with the purchase of $200 in regular priced merchandise. However, there is a bonus rewards program a customer can qualify for that she offers to her most frequent of flyers that is generous and out of the norm for the average shop policy. Lowest tier qualifies a customer for 5% off every purchase graduating in tiers up to 20% off every purchase.

But her charitable spirit has nothing to do with business savvy when it comes to her life in the private sector. An intense empathy for people suffering from diabetes she donates across the board to help those who’s lives she believes have been turned upside down due to the disease’s life time of complications. Cindy also has a soft place in her heart for fur babies. She fosters on and off, donates across organizations and despite her one new purebred cutie, Lily, Cindy only has ever owned rescues. But Cindy’s true spirit can ultimately be epitomized by her utter and supreme devotion to her family. To know Cindy is to know her grand babies. But less commonly known is how two years prior to owning the Paper Bunny she dropped everything to become a full time, live in caregiver for her father.

The question is, Cindy’s resume was 25 years head records keeper for a law firm (whoa- organize much!?) so why paper Bunny? Cindy confesses she thought at this age she’d still be trekking at that law firm. But when her own heart failed at age 40 she had a major shift in perspective. Now, “Life is all about balance. Family, work, passion- balance is key.” Not all about chasin paper?! What?! Well, at least, the green kind. Oh. Gottit.

So, now what does Cindy have in mind for the future of PB? Progressing its social media presence (clearly), but more thrillingly she already has plans set in motion for filling the store’s dance card with new professional guest designers and industry experts!! From copic coloring to Julie Nutting dolls to gnome culture ‘n more the calendar is going to see a diverse influx in classes and workshops with experts teaching industry professional level techniques and tricks! Fun! Also, she really wants people to know that the PB is not just a crafter’s go-to for education and supplies, but a proverbial sandbox for private crafty events. Why not host your next birthday by renting the PB entirely for you and your crafty friends? Or host a good friend’s private baby shower? Or meet monthly exclusively with your planner buddies at the PB clubhouse? 🙂

So, now what can you expect from the PBLV new blog? Hmmm, still tbd. But one way not to miss out on any upcoming classes, crops or PB events is thru our newsletter. Put your email in a below comment and we’ll be happy to get you in the loop! If you have no comment maybe just answer if you were a Disney character who would you be? Cindy says “Cinderella. cuz she likes those mice and who doesn’t want a fairy godmother!” Lol…

All the best to you and most of all- Happy crafting!…

❤ The PB Bunnies

9 thoughts on “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT!!!”

  1. Cindy is dedicated to this craft! And she is all about making it fun and inspiring everyone’s creative side to shine! Her smile warms my heart! She has truly found her calling!!!

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