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Pre Ordering and Wish Lists

New product releases, karate chop(!) shopping, Sara Barry- We have so much to share with you today!!!

First off, guess what day Thursday is… You guessed it! Its Happy Lawn Fawn Day! Yup! Lawn Fawn’s newest release in our very own hot little paws in only… just… two… days!! Have you seen the line up? Its outrageous! Their creative team must be a literal “dream machine” computer just pumping out algorithms because this release has a selection both impressive AND extensive. There’s like a billion products! Now, Lawn Fawn specializes in interactive elements, but the elements always seem so compartmentalized. It seems this release the company really strived to coordinate their interactive card parts, making their stamps and dies more versatile and hence more bang for their buck. Scroll above and see if you agree…

So, does this sound familiar: It’s getting toward bed time. Long day. Kids were a labor of love. Work was a means to an end.  You have just enough time to ferret a meager helping of me-time before you have to responsibly call it a day. Soooooooo- you hop on the web and its GO TIME! Time to scope all the latest in product releases! Time to catch up on your crafting youtube subscriptions! But, inevitably, as usual, you find yourself obsessively skimming all your favorite online haunts for mark downs, pre-order discounts and flash sales. If this is your typical night then wait. We at the brick ‘n mortar Paper Bunny would like to plea our case to rival for your affection of online patronage. We humbly ask for no more than a paragraph of your time…

Because we want to put the PB’s incentive program under the microscope to show you we’re not at all(!) one of those over priced novelty stores you’d expect from a dainty little nook looking like ours. For every $200 you spend in regular priced merchandise you receive $10 store credit. In essence you are getting 5% off regular priced merchandise— EVERY… SINGLE… PURCHASE. You will NEVER pay full price because if you’re not getting 5% off then it means to stand you’re getting 10%, 15%, 20%, etc. And the hustle doesn’t stop there. You’re not paying for shipping! πŸ™‚ Ok, then, consider this: Why not pre-order with us? Why not give us your wishlist? This way you won’t have to worry your product will sell out while your busy loving on the grand babies or stuck at home in a 12 hour window limbo waiting for the sofa delivery guy. Items we don’t intend to shelf in store can still be ordered thru us. Your exact treasure, waiting for you, competitively priced with no “getcha” shipping and handling. That’s some hashtag-black-belt-ninja-warrior-Chuck-Norris shopping, right? End hash tag… πŸ™‚

O.K. So, wait, wait, hold the phones. You want to pre order but you have no idea if we’ll carry what you want. We at the PB are super excited about all the Creativation orders coming in, and we want you to be excited, too! So, consider this blog your official Willy Wonka factory ticket tour! This is what we’ve ordered and when it’s being shipped…Enjoy…

Simple Stories “Simple Vintage Garden District” Shipping end of February

Simple Stories “Hip Hop Hooray” shipping end of February

Simple Stories “Going Places” shipping end of February

Simple Stories “I Am” shipping end of February

Simple Stories “Best Day Ever” Essentials Collector’s Kit shipping end of February

Echo Park “All Girl” shipping end of February

Echo Park “All Boy” shipping end of February

Echo Park “Farmhouse Market” shipping end of February

Echo Park “Remember the Magic” shipping end of February

Echo Park “Family Night” shipping end of February

Echo Park “Summertime” shipping March 15th

Echo Park “Dive Into Summer” shipping March 15th

Echo Park “Summer Market” shipping March 15th

Doodlebug “Hey Cupcake” shipping March 15th

Doodlebug “Party Time” shipping March 15th

Echo Park “School Days” shipping April 15th

Echo Park “America” shipping April 15th

Echo Park “Scenic Route” shipping April 15th

Echo Park “Floral” shipping April 15th

Echo Park “Alice” shipping April 15th

Simple Stories “Summer Farmhouseshipping April 15th

Simple Stories “Magical Birthday” shipping April 15th

Simple Stories “Birthday Blast” shipping April 15th

Simple Stories “Bro n Co” shipping June 15th

Simple Stories “Simply Vintage Great Escape” shipping June 15th

Finally, until then we wanna say “You Rock!” to Ms Sara Barry who has consistently persisted in her efforts to raise money for the RMHC of Greater Las Vegas by participating in the “Pop Tab Program.” This program raises funds that go directly to families who have a child receiving medical treatment- children’s cause of trauma ranging from car accidents to cancer, premature birth, heart procedures, and so forth. And it does so surprisingly by collecting the tabs off aluminum cans. She also informed us that a separate organization exists that trades kidney dialysis treatments for plastic bottle lids. Who would have thought? So just a friendly invite to help collect with her. The PB will be tab/lid central where you can drop off your “com-pash stash” (compassionate donation) and Sara will come as she always does to collect them and make sure they get where they need to go. Thanks Sara for the reminder that there’s more to life than Prima, Lawn Fawn and Tim Holtz.

Mmmn, Tim Holtz ;P

Have a great Tuesday! And happy crafting!!!

<3, The PB Bunnies

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