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Dolls, dolls and more dolls!

Nothing like the sight of your craft room in the early morning. There it is! Sunlight peeking in, nobody else awake to distract you, your crop project from the night before dry and ready for some fresh perspective… Your inner crafty monkey gently nudges you toward your desk, sneaking inspiration starts to what-if in your mind and… NO! Its not even breakfast yet! Pull yourself together! Haha!

Greetings from the PB! Its another perfect day for a perfect day ❤ We hope everyone is gleefully rockin’ out with their new Lawn Fawn treasures. You know, FOMO is not a condition to be taken lightly. Its so lucky for us that Lawn Fawn is the proven #1 doctor recommended choice for FOMO sympton relief! Just thinkin of all the gnomeless makes us so sad.

Speaking of FOMO, do you know what happens every Thursday at the PB? Its so fun! 11 of the most kick back, heart happy women you could ever hope to meet bring the PB to life with their cropping, laughter and crafty shenanigans. And this happens EVERY Thursday! Best part is, despite the fact they’re all tight with each other and hang outside of the PB, they aren’t in the very least the C word… Clicky. Its uncanny how each of these ladies puts out this positive, inviting energy that makes you just want to drop what you’re doing and drink the shenanigan Kool-Aid.

One of these shiny ladies introduced herself- “My name is Stacy Harper Watson!” she said emphatically yet playfully yet don’t-you-forget-it! Haha!

The QT above sportin the Harajuku peace sign (haha) is social butterfly extraordinaire, Rochelle Spears. Not only does she spread the love at the PB, but she as well sponsors scrapbooking challenges online to, in her words, “Inspire and motivate and bring the community together.” Her challenges offer prizes, page lay-out recipe cards and daily inspiration to help you blaze thru your stash, undust those memories and get them up on display! You can check out her challenges at:, and then go roll over to Stacy’s challenge at And hey- there’s even a bonus prize if you enter both Rochelle’s AND Stacy’s! Fun! Of course, if you’re looking for inspiration you can also introduce yourself to Dee Hunt (in the grey shirt in the above pic). She’s sweet as can be and a professional lay-out designer 🙂

But the Thursday lovelies are not the only dolls in town. We are so excited(!) to present…







And, Clarissa!

These dolls are the newest creations from Prima Designs own in house fashionista, Julie Nutting. You just stamp and paper piece. Use them to decorate banners, greeting cards, page lay outs, planners, XL tag books… really these dolls are so versatile. You can find them right by our front door ornamented with a super pretty three flagged banner created by Ms Cindy.

Don’t worry if you’re not good at coloring- as you can see these dolls look so gorgeous without any shading. We also carry the dolls’ coordinating Butterfly Bliss collection which features chipboard stickers, paper and ephemera…

For inspiration check out Julie Nutting herself as she demos her own line.

Or check out these beauties:

And heres an idea: the plum trees blooming all over town have these little pink blossoms on them that are so frickin precious and darling.

But they’re only available 4 – 6 weeks outta the year (says the nearby Moon Nurseries guy). Why not press them in your microwave (oh yes, in your microwave) and use the flowers to decorate the doll’s clothing or maybe in her hair or maybe glue different types in a bunch as accents around the doll:

Design by Lindsay the Frugal Crafter

So, one more doll that deserves mention- dearest bunny Deirdre’s birthday (say that 10x fast- you can’t) was last Tuesday on the 18th. If you didn’t get a chance this year then you can be waaaaaay early for next year 😉

We are still uploading pics to the previous blog to showcase our upcoming product lines so feel free to keep checking in. All the pics should be in by the end of the week.

Quickly can we mention that we will need to start requiring payment for classes and crops at the time of sign up. If we don’t collect the payment then the computer registers the head count wrong and overbooks the class. Thank you in advance for your understanding, we know some of you are frequent flyers and this will be frustrating at first.

This week’s daily deals are: Tues thru Sunday 20% off everything in the store excluding Lawn Fawn and the new Julie Nutting “Butterfly Bliss” collection. And then the clearance table will be 75% off.

We hope to see you soon! Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Happy Crafting! ❤ The Paper Bunnies

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