Envelope Album

Hello crafty friends and welcome to the fourth anniversary of the PB’s first blog! Hip hip, Huzzah! 🙃

Don’t you love those days when you’re feeling fresh- you’re zippy, you’re zen, you’re creativity monkey is banging joyfully on his drum… you’re just brimming with inspiration (!) like a two-year-old with a paintbrush, some cheerio milk and mommy’s apron.

But then come those other days… yah. You know.  But those other days are EXACTLY what this blog will be dedicated to! Rebooting your zippy zen! Giving your creativity a little kick in the shorts.  Because, as we all know, life ain’t all cheerios and monkey milk… We mean, right? 😋

This week PB classes were all about albums. Teri’s uber cute gnome spring album:

Deirdre’s super awesome crafty girl file folder journal:

But both were kinda elite cool, like, they definitely needed a classroom setting to execute. So, here’s a quick and easy album idea you can do outside the classroom. It not only displays your memories, but can store those photos you don’t have time to display but are all from the same event. Places everybody!! Lets begin!

Get a group of envelopes all the same size and any kind you like. For this tutorial we only grabbed 3, but you can link as many as you want. The envelope we chose is roughly 6.5″ x 9.5″.

Fold and burnish each of the flaps backwards.

Align them as above, one is upside down. Have their flaps toward each other.

Make them kiss by putting adhesive on the bottom of the flap of the right envelope ONLY.

Now flip the envelope on the right over so now the envelopes are stacked. Repeat these steps for as many envelopes (album pages) as you want to make.

As we said, we’re sticking to just 3. Tuck the flap that’s sticking out into the front pocket of the album. Super easy breezy!! Now lets decorate! Yayers!

Make a template of the cover of your envelope by slicing it off. We used an exacto knife.

These bees will be one cover, you’ll see.

Now cut 3 decorative pages, each sized to fit entire envelope PLUS an additional inch to the width. Score off the additional inch on the left side of the page to create a flap. The 4th decorative page add 2″- 3″ to the width (depending on thickness of album) and score from the right side (still just score 1″).

Insert the 3 decorative pages like so and glue. Make sure when you glue to allow for a pocket. Those pockets are where you can store all your extra photos you don’t get time to make all fancy, or for photos that you want to keep but don’t necessarily want to show case.

Now feel free to glue covers you made with your template.

The page you scored on the right will be the back cover. Then keep decorating as you like!

This is how we finished the project…

The doilies were die cut and can be used to tuck photos into without any adhesive. The vellum was used to soften the crazy background and draw focus to your photo.

We hope you enjoyed this little guy. The papers used are from Simple Stories “Garden District” which are currently en route to our store. They’re so beautiful!

The list of up n coming products on our second post has been updated- hundreds and hundreds of pics to see! Yummy yummy yummy!! Check em out!

If you would like to submit a project tutorial please comment below!! We’d LOVE to see what you’re working on and what mediums and DIY’s you’re passionate about!!! Or comment on tutorials you’d like to see more of!! We’re easy! This blog is for you!!

Ooh, heads up: our deals of the week are 20% off everything excluding Lawn Fawn and Julie Nutting and then 75% off the clearance table…

As always have an amazing, craftlicious week!!

❤, The PB Bunnies

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