Flip Flop Fun

Have you ever gone on vacation to some picturesque landscape, cued your camera app, gotten off the bus… and found yourself completely too distracted to take a selfie? And for what reason? Because of this simple fact:

Nature’s … Colors… Never… Clash.

Like, NEVER. 

A rainbow has at least seven dramatically different colors in it yet its the gold standard of coordination. That’s… weird… right? Field full of wildflowers- copacetic. Red Rock Canyon- koombaya. An  Australian coral reef- pitch perfect. Your greeting card from last week- circus curtain. What’s up with that?

C’este la vie. Hello! So glad you guys came to visit us in cyberland!  Today we’re gonna share some greeting card technology…

Its called a Flip Flop card and its easy to do!  Ours will be featuring a few of Lawn Fawn’s newest stamps sets, “Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy,” “Swan Soiree,” and “Hey Lady.” Let’s go get some coffee and regroup…

Alright, lets first form your card base. Cut a standard letterhead sized paper in half so it measures 8.5″ x 5.5″, then score length wise at 3.5″ from both sides…

Use the other half of the letterhead to make two pieces each measuring 3 3/8″ x 5.25″…

Matte (but do not glue) both pieces, one on each side of the scored paper, and use painters tape, purple tape or washi to temporarily secure them in place. See pic. (Sidenote: if you ever run washi tape thru your die cutting machine be sure to stick it against your pants a few times first.  Get some of the sticky off so its less likely to rip your paper when you remove it…)

Note the two pieces are right up against the score but otherwise have a 1/8th” margin

Now, take any plain rectangle die you own. Make sure it is plain with no embossed stitching, etc. Secure it temporarily smack dab in the middle…

Then sandwich it on your cutting plate so that you only use the rectangle die to cut up to the score line. See pics:

We placed the card base hanging off the cutting plate. The extra piece of tape on the very left is so the card base doesn’t slide off the edge before we can sandwich the second cutting plate on top
That dark mark on the top cutting plate is an annoying piece of scotch tape from ages ago that just gets dirtier and dirtier whenever we cut. We should really get some hydrogen pyroxide to remove it… eh… like…tomorrow or something…

Now repeat these same steps on the opposite side. If your die doesn’t totally cut thru the matted piece of paper AND the card base the first time don’t sweat. Just run it thru again in the exact same position… Now remove all the tape and this is what you should have made:

Take the card base and burnish the score lines as shown… Then push “A” toward you and “B” away from you and fold completely…

You gotta flip flop base now! All down hill from here! Time to decorate… We’re going to make our own printed cardstock. Take your two cut pieces from earlier and stamp all over em. Make sure to stamp a few images off the edge for kicks and giggles.

Start by stamping the larger images and then fill in gaps with your smaller and smaller images. Don’t worry about perfect stamping- you can always use a black gel pen later to darken the outlines…

Measure a piece to fit inside the window when the card is closed:

Ours measured at these dimensions but yours will measure according to the rectangle die from your stash…

Measure a piece to fit the window when the card is open:

Again, your measurements will be most likely be different

Take the froggie stamp from “Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy” and use the front facing frog for the front window and then the frog’s bootie stamp for when the card is opened. Make sure to center the frogs so they can be on a wall and then have sky above them…

Stamp those images as well on another thin sheet of paper and fussy cut them

Lets color! OK Sooo, we used Memento Tuxedo Black Ink to stamp which is alcohol marker friendly. However, since our copic marker selection is tiny compared to our water based Studio 71 collection, we decided to color with the Studio 71… whiiiiiich… was dumb. Why? Because we used 110 lb 300 gsm Neenah Solar White Cardstock which is super porous and shreds so very easily under the duress of water-based marker blending. To boot, Memento Ink bleeds when wet. Argh. Red flags all over the place!! So, this tutorial is kinda what to do ANNND what not to do. Buuuuut our coloring is more vibrant for it. And frogs can be furry, right? Like, remember Kermit- he fer sure had a lint ball or two…

Next, mask off both frogs by adhering the thin papered fussy cut images with Pixie Spray

Pixie spray is a game changer for those of us who love to stencil and/or mask. PS After you spray DO wait the entire 60 seconds it recommends before applying.

Mask off the bottom portion of both frog scenes (the portion that will be the brick wall) with some tape, and then use any cloud stencil (Lawn Fawn has a cloud stencil in its 2020 release) and blue ink for the sky. We used Tumbled Glass Distress Ink.

Now, use the Pixie spray again to adhere any “brick wall” stencil on top of the masked frog on the inside of the card. Then, ink up with any red. We used Barn Door Distress Ink. Remember to mask off the area you will not be inking with a line of tape.

For the front frog we did a little extra credit and combined modeling paste with Abandoned Coral Distress Ink Spray to create 3-D bricks.

Take off the frog’s mask to see what you made! Our mixture was just an itty bit soupy so you can see it ran underneathe the stencil, but all good. Just extra texture 😉
Took a Studio 71 gray marker and filled in the gaps and then pounced the Barn Door Ink a little extra in a couple spots for depth.
Colored gray and pounced red on the other brick wall as well for continuity.  Also, made some areas a darker grey for depth. Just random, non specific areas- Julie Nutting herself says don’t stress too much about shadowing. Just adding a different shade by default creates interest.

Final touches: Added some black to the top of both walls and then added white gel pen to the walls for a more cartoony effect. Edged both walls with Barn Door and both skies with Tumbled Glass. Used an anti static tool and Lawn Fawn white embossing powder to set the sentiment. And finally Art Glitter Glued the whole concoction together! Wait. Final final FINAL touch was drawing in a heart booty. So irresistably, stinkin cute 🙃😆

And thats a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this little diddy. Question is: what kind of tutorials would you viewers gain more from? Was this tutorial up anyone’s alley? Was is too vague or cover too much ground and so not so helpful? What questions do any of you have for our design team? Feel free to comment below. We would love to hear any and all feedback!

All creations featured in our tutorials will display for a week at the front desk.

In other news PB’s in-house designer, Teri, has created this gorgeously stunning, celestial double page lay out. Its available March 21st as a class or kit. Come one come all, no special skill level required.

See you’all soon! Have a super healthy and uber crafty week!!

❤, The PB Bunnies

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