Temporarily Closed, Tutorial

Co- Vid 19 Update (oh, and a washi tape idea-stravaganza!)

Dear Crafty Compadres,

It is for all of our crafty safetiness that the Paper Bunny has closed its doors and will remain so until we get the all clear from Governor Sisonak. Cindy will be in touch with refunds for cancelled crops and classes. The CDC is urging all of us to stay inside as much as possible and to take this seriously. By participating in these extra precautions and ensuring our own individual health we can help buy time for those scientists working hard for a treatment. The governor’s press release can be seen here.

Us crafters love shutting ourselves in on the regular soooooo… ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļðŸĪ™ Maybe we can use this time to be not only positive but to spread positivity- by being not afraid, by being informed and staying reasonable, and by letting those we care about know that even though they are isolated they are not alone. Uh, thinkin phone call and Not a hand delivered greeting card 🙄ðŸĪŠ

Now what to do, what to do. All this unprecedented free time?! Well, being as March is national craft month, why don’t we… ATTACK OUR MOUNTAIN HIGH STACK OF HOARDED WASHI TAPE THAT WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH, YAAAAAAY!!!

Alright lets go! Idea number one: design your own paper. Frank Garcia eat your heart out! There are just endless combos to be made with your stash!!! So… You can make a solid design or change it up:

These blank papers were 4.25″ x 5.5″ and now can be used as colorful card bases
This blank piece of paper was 3″ x 8.5″ and now can be used to make 3″ x 4″ journaing cards

Maybe try a plaid design:

Now use your ever so fabulous, customized designer paper as you would any paper…

Used our washi paper as a base layer…
But first we scrapped it for parts 😁 Note: if you decide to die cut your washi paper you might want to modge podge it first- to reduce the chance of having “moving parts” after you cut
This tiny bow is SOOOOOO cute! The die for it is included with the “Tiny Treat Box” die set from Lawn Fawn…

Another way to use your washi is to make sample strips…

Adhere your washi to bright white strips of cardstock to really make their designs pop(!)…

These sample strips have a ton of good uses: You can trial and error putting your washi tape up against your projects before committing…

You can layer them to create chipboard like strips of ephemera:

You can weave them together for fun collaged backgrounds!! This idea is our favorite…

Another use for your washi tape is to fussy cut the images and store the bits as ephemera:

Our final idea (although we have hundreds more) is to use washi for your art journals and mixed media projects…

Layer some bright colorful washi tape on paper along with some colorful twine. Add a focal point, and then adhere all of it using white crackle gesso…

We got the above little mixed media gem of inspiration here

Totally hope these ideas have you pumped about washi! Now you can churn and burn thru that dusty washi pile so that when the PB opens back up you’ll be ready to refresh your supply!

We’d love love Love to hear how you use washi tape. Maybe just a quick comment below to inspire a crafty neighbor.

Hey, and a lot of you have been crafting for years, dare we say centuries 🙃😘, so we would So Love to see what you are working on. Lets get some tutorials on this blog from you guys. Crafty peeps want to know what YOU do with your PB yummies. Maybe share a bit of knowledge you wish you knew when you first started out. Or use our blog as the social media platform you’ve always wanted but always thought too tech-y. All you have to do is take some pics of your project and write little blurbs attached to each one describing the genius behind the method behind the madness. Send these pics and blurbs to: scrappingprincess@yahoo.com… Boom!!! Community inspired! Just like that! 😄

So nice having you visit!! Lets visit again real soon… ðŸĪ— Think healthy thoughts…

Happy Crafting!! âĪ The PB Bunnies

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