Challenges, New Product

New Product and the PB Carrot Stick Challenge

Hello Crafty Mc Craftersons!

As all our seatbelts are tightly fastened and cruise control is set to a mind boggling 0 mph we at the PB can’t help but think there might be an exponential amount of crafting going on. Is this true? Haha! Knew it! Well, we want to play, too!!! Socially distantly, of course. And man, oh man, we know this free time has got you chomping at the bit for new product. WELL… We Finally got some! A lot of some! Starting with…

Tulla and Norbert’s Excellent Adventure! “I have too much gnome” said nobody ever haha…

We also have fully stocked this bright paper delight: Echo Park’s Remember the Magic Disney Collection…

Then get a load of Family Night! Its so novel yet practical, right?

Lets just list them all:

Echo Park “All Girl”

Echo Park “All Boy”

Echo Park “Vintage Farmhouse Market”

Simple Stories “Magical Birthday”

Simple Stories “Summer Farmhouse”

Simple Stories “Birthday Blast”

Simple Stories “Going Places”

Simple Stories “Garden District”

Photoplay “Dragon Dreams”

PhotoPlay “Walk on the Wild Side”

Doodlebug “Hey Cupcake”

Doodlebug “Party Time”

Doodlebug “Doodle Stamps”

Doodlebug “Cuts”

Now, granted, the website is still kinda wonklicious- still a little Hogwarts Castle meets Fantasmic Jungle Book Monkeys… but entering exact search key words should pull up what you’re looking for. And Cindy and her daughter are steadily whooping some sense into it so it should be well greased and inventory accurate by next week.

Place your orders today‐ Cindy has washed her hands vigorously, abrasively and repeatedly (for 20 seconds) just… for…YOU! 😁😜 You can order thru the web site or call directly Tuesday thru Friday 10 AM – 4 PM (702) 778-2424 to arrange for your curbside pick up. And note our ribbon and lace is not on the web but is still for sale, just ask…

So, for all you with that little extra crafty time we wanna sweeten the hours with this little nugget of a carrot stick… of a challenge. YES! CHALLENGE! What we shall call the PB Carrot Stick Challenge!…

Lets start with the prize: a million oz bottle of Art Glitter Glue!!!

Ok so 8 ounces specifically, but, like, this stuff is so potent we think God used it to put the duck billed platypus together- ie a little goes a long way…

Alright, the challenge is: To play any other website’s challenge… but use this blog as your piggyback. All you have to do is email us your entry, tell us what challenge you’re entering, and we’ll do the rest. There is NO MAXIMUM amount of entries. Submit as many pics to as many challenges as you like. Each submission gets you an extra chance and we’ll decide our winner from a random drawing on April 30th.

Woot- woot! With this challenge you’ll be eligible to win the other site’s prize AND our prize with one submission!

Also, this way you do NOT have to be web savvy or social media versed. You don’t even have to have a myspace account 😋. All you have to have is a photo, a towel, and a way to email the photo to us at:

Just kidding about the towel- despite these hard times the world is Not going to end and we are Not going to have to hitch hike our way thru a mind boggling galaxy frought with Vogons, mice and melancholy robots…

Choose any paper crafty or mixed media challenge out there and email us your pics.

Now, for the prize to be offered we do need at least 3 participants. Is that realistic? Expectations too high? Hmmm- the prize is decent, yah? Tell your friends! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Can’t wait to see what you all are working on!

Thanks for visiting! See ya next time- AND STAY SAFE! Don’t forget to email those projects!!

❤, The Paper Bunnies

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