Scrapbooking with Tulla and Norbert

Hey Everybody! Its PB time! Today we have a fun double page lay out project featuring those two little PhotoPlay cuties, Tulla and Norbert

Most of you are probably familiar with the technique CAS (Clean and Simple). The rules to keeping a greeting card or scrapbook layout CAS are these:

  • Its all about the design (not the technique, not the embellishments, not the tools)
  • One focal point
  • Uncluttered
  • Lots of open space

So, just for fun we tried to keep CAS in mind when we created:

Let’s start with the pin wheels- they were super easy to make:

Cut out 4 squares from your cute paper and the 4th square divide into fourths.  We chose to make our squares 3″ x 3″ so the 4th square ended up making (4) 1.5″ x 1.5″ little guys.
Then, fold 4 flaps toward the center. If you choose to fold the paper to the right of the score line then be consistent… Its intuitive, you’ll see.
And here’s what you get. Add a little bling to the center if you want (sequins, gem, sticker…)…
For the sticks we just cut 1/8th inch strips of paper…

For the lollipop looking cutenesses:

Let’s hash out some kites:

Save those leftover pieces to make bows for the tail…

We added a twine bow and then a twine kite string.
Then for fun this guy (we fussy cut from Quad #1) got some sequin bubbles…

Strips along the bottom are 1″ pieces layered onto 1.5″. And the white area suggests a 4″ x 6″ photo which we matted on 4 1/8th” x 6 1/8th” paper.

Now, if you are running dry on inspiration you can always hit up The Doodlebug Blog. Currently they have a Hey Cupcake mini album posted that is just to die for… Also, check out these awesome sauce page lay outs:

Or, you can explore the Echo Park blog. Look at this lay out featuring Echo Park’s All Girl collection

See a project there and wanna do it? Don’t wait for shipping. Just order thru the PB for curbside pick up.

Now those page lay outs are definitely Not CAS, haha. If CAS is your jam then check out this online challenge: Clean and Simple on Friday… They choose a winner every 2 weeks. 

Our PB Carrot Stick challenge is still accepting submissions and we are extending the deadline to May 15th! A recap on the rules:

Email us a photo of a mixed media or paper crafting project of yours. Then tell us any challenge you’ve seen online that you want us to submit your project to. We’ll do the rest. There is NO MAXIMUM amount of entries. Submit as many pics to as many online challenges as you’d like. Each submission gets you an extra chance to win our prize and we’ll decide our winner from a random drawing on May 15th.

Woot- woot! With this challenge you’ll be eligible to win the other site’s prize AND our prize with one submission! What’s our prize?… A huge 8 oz bottle of Art Glitter’s Designer Liquid Adhesive.  This stuff is industrial strength, dries clear and is valued at $14.

Also, this way you do NOT have to be web savvy or social media versed. All you have to have is a photo of your project and a way to email the photo to us at:


We do need at least 3 entries for the prize to be released. So, lay low, keep sheltering at home, and take a chance. Submit a pic to us, share your passion with the community, and who knows- you might get to do the happy-I-won-a-glue-bottle dance 👯‍♀️💃🤸‍♀️😁😆🙃 🤷‍♀️

Be well,

❤ on ya, The Paper Bunnies

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