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WE’RE BACK!!!/ Mother’s Day Gift Idea/ Paper Bizz Basics Tutorial

Howdy Craftlings!!! PB here and today we’re all about paper bizz basics! But first a very important announcement: WE’RE BACK!!

Huzzah!!! Back to normal business hours and back to normal business- except with masks and social distancing and stuff. Ooh and lots of vigorous hand washing. BUT WE’RE BACK!!!

So, paper bizz basics- always you need in your brain closet a paper bizz basic arsenal. A staple stash of techniques and go-to moves to draw from when the creativity gets thin and you’re stuck staring at your project thinking, “Well, geez, it needs more but what?… WHAT DO I NEED!??”

Oh hey- Happy Mother’s Day by the way! In this journal you can write allllll about what you love about your mom 🤗 And then, hey, maybe give it to her? 😁🥰🥰🥰

This is our project… A journal… For notes and such or a decorative piece for gift giving or display.

Paper bizz basic #1) When doing any project its good to collect items that fit your vision and spread them around you on your craft table. We chose “Love Letters” by Mintay as our foundation…

and surrounded ourselves with:

4.5″ x 12″/ score lengthwise every 3″

For the card base we used a light cream cardstock with gold dot accents- not only to give the journal some classy bling but also to lighten up the mood of the paper’s vintage vibe.

Paper bizz basic 2) Decide from the start if you will ink up your edges. If you decide yes then focus on continuity- for example, make sure to ink your collage pieces before you collage them.

Bizz Basic 3) Pockets are always a hit! Super fun to make when giving and super fun to explore when receiving. Lets make one…

Take a strip of paper and apply glue to only 3 sides.
We took two strips and layered them to make 2 stacked pockets. POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!
Use tags and journaling cards as inserts. Make sure at least one side has room to write on. Also maybe make a way to grab the insert either by punching a hole in it and fastening a ribbon, or by adding a paper pieced handle

Let’s make another pocket:

4) Adding pages is easy.. Try this:

Another way to add pages is by creating a signature. A signature is a set of pages nested inside one another (usually 4 to 7 pages) and then fastened to the binding. They’re usually sewn in but try this easy way:

Wrap the twine around the journal and then tie the bow like a seat belt haha… Thankyou, Jennifer Bishop…

5) Tucks are popular and easy ways to add journaling space…

The collaged piece is glued to the journal in such a way as to allow tucked paper to slide in and out

Tucks can also be used to fasten openings shut:

6) Flips are what you call the envelope above:

Or, try the very popular “Kate Donelly flip” which also acts as a tuck:

9) Framing pages is a way to add interest. If your rectangle metal dies arent sized perfectly to match then force them haha:

Adjust your frame die cuts by slicing and paper piecing. SO USEFUL!!!!

So, lastly, to close the journal we adhered a metal trinket and ribbon to the back with hot glue (for non porous embellishments always better to use a glue gun). This way the recipient wont lose the ribbon… and also its pretty 😁

So glad you joined us today!

For fun check out Cindy’s debut on the Review Journal and maybe use this journal to get her autograph haha!

Hope you all are staying healthy and happy…

Big ❤, The Paper Bunnies

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