Build-A-Dies and Create-A-Critters

There are some things only life experience can teach you. Like, how long you have to get your tiny jewel into position before the spit on your finger dries and the tiny jewel takes a deep dive into oblivion to be recovered and enjoyed only by the carpet… gremlin… king.  Or like, which copic marker combos are your favorite 😊 Only experience can teach you. For everything else we have… Tutorials!

So, you couldnt resist- you saw the new Elizabeth Craft Designs:

and treated yourself to the whale die set. Now what?


Paper piecing die sets like these are usually surprisingly versatile. The one set includes all the following:

Let’s first start with what your basic card would look like…

No bells, no whistles. We just paper pieced the included set, and then minimally built around the scene- inking the sky using Tumbled Glass Distress Oxide and Lawn Fawn’s Cloudy Stencil, adding Lawn Fawn Stitched Wave Borders

some mini clouds from our stash and then a tiny heart from our stash. Because butts ALWAYS get hearts… πŸ™ƒ

Moving on, if you wanted to level up you could ink the edges of your die cuts…

The Tim Holtz mini blending tool works well for all the easy edges. Its comparable and very popular to use finger daubers as well. But for the harder to ink nooks and crannies we used Fantastix Brush Tips by Tsukineko.

Honestly, though, for all the extra buck we don’t think it made much of a bang. Eh, you decide.

Then another route would be to use chalk instead of ink.

This time we went for a more vintage grunge look. We used a shade of dark brown with no blending…

Pom poms are a popular way to apply chalk but for the nooks and crannies you could go to CVS or Walmart and pick up some pointy cue tips. Orrrrr, the best way would be to use a mini filbert brush…

Filbert brushes are flat and oval. We repurposed one from some old eye make-up we found in a dusty drawer. Sooo useful in edging those hard to reach spots. Watch this awesome tutorial by sweetheart Sherry Craft Pray Repeat

But hey, there is no shame in lazy crafting- a really easy way to use this die set is to just leave it all white. Yup. Leave it in the buff…

Just put some relatively busy design cardstock behind it and done. For the above we inlaid the life savers but first we matted red cardstock behind…

Finally, we want to show you an idea for when you first get any kinda package die set like this…

Take em all out and do a sample sheet. Then look at the shapes and see what they remind you of. Or look at the negative images and see if they inspire you for maybe a shaker card or cool inlay…

We came up with these alternative uses for some of the dies:

Thanks so much for joining us! 😊

A couple cool reminders: swag has never been cuter…

Check out our new Paper Bunny Pin– designed by Lindsay Ostrom and Doodlebug Designs Inc…

Also, the whole store is basically one big new arrival!! From essential tools to oh so pretty pretty paper come find out for yourself!

Lastly seems the PB Carrot Stick Challenge was not inspirational enough. Thats O…K… Just know anyone and everyone ANYTIME are welcome and encouraged to email us pics of your projects. And now we’ve started a Lawn Fawn-Addicts Page! Hope you check it out!

Stay healthy and well!

Big ❀ The Paper Bunnies

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