Transform Your Paper Stash

Welcome back PB friends! So happy you hopped by! πŸ₯³

OK- We Have to tell you. We are obsessed with baby oil…



Did you know you can DIY your own vellum with baby oil? It can give a sheer property to any and all paper…


Got some paper in your stash you’re tired of looking at? Baby oil. Hoarding beautiful paper too pretty to use but you still want to play with? Baby oil. Want to make your own unique beautiful paper from scratch? Baby oil! We’re here to tell you making vellum is not only super easy, but a super novel way to spruce up ANY paper in your stash! Let’s go!

Version 1.0: You’ll need three things: the piece of paper/cardstock you want to transform, a cotton pad, and a dollar tree bottle of baby oil. Lightly dip your cotton pad in the oil and slowly work your paper over in circles. Keep lightly dipping and circling until your paper is saturated. Wipe off the excess oil with as many new cotton pads as you need, repeating circular motions. To test if your paper is “dry” place it between two sheets of blank white paper and let it sit for at least a day. At the end of the day see if any oily residue transferred to your white paper. Repeat cotton ball treatment if necessary. (If you would like a visual demo click here.)

So, the above method is good if you’re doing one piece of paper. We kinda went next level. We emptied a quarter of a baby oil bottle in a 13″ x 13″ plastic bag and filled it with a bunch of paper we wanted to transform… πŸ‘‡πŸ˜

We didn’t want waste the oil so after we dipped we placed our oily sheets in between the dry sheets of a spare paper pad. This helped us dry AND gave us More vellum paper- Win!

Note: Drenching your paper like this definitely extends your drying time. After sandwiching in between a paper pad and wiping with a paper towel we hung our sheets in front of a fan and left them there for a couple of days. The weight of the cardstock affected the drying time as well. Remember to always test if your paper is safe for your project by sandwiching it between “dry” sheets for a day.

We were so into our new yummy paper we decided to do some extra field testing πŸ€“ Here’s what we found:

  • Soaking overnight in the bag does Not give you a single different result than a quick dip.
  • All paper will turn somewhat sheer but the coolest results were from light weight paper.
  • The oil strips the paper of any white, ie it was very much easier to see the oil’s effect on white paper vs dark.

Conclusion: the less weight and lighter in hue the paper the more dramatic the transformation.

Hmm, what if you put egg dye in the bag… πŸ˜πŸ‘‡

The black came from mixing red and blue in the same bag.
We made the two-toned red and blue paper by dipping the white paper in with red food dye, drying it and then dipping it in a bag with blue food dye.

Then we asked what can the paper handle after it dries? Answer: everything normal paper can!

Here we inked the “new vellum” with Vintage Photo and Gathered Twigs distress inks. The ink took to the oiled paper even though the ink was water based. Fun! If you try to do this with alcohol ink let us know your results 😊

Heat embossing is swell as well. Although you really need to heavy hand your anti static tool.

What if we egg dye our paper first and then dip it in baby oil? Will the dye run? Nope! πŸ‘‡…

We soaked book pages in food dye, similar to how junk journalers coffee dye their paper. After the papers dried we treated them with baby oil. Yummy results πŸ™‚ Note: Paper on left is oiled and paper on right is not. The oil noticably darkens paper.

So, now, what can you do with vellum? Try these recipes:

Add a vellum page to your album or journal by adhering a strip of score tape along it’s edge. Tink looks so mischievous in this paper πŸ˜†

After 😊

Make a vellum shaker envelope to insert in a vellum pocket πŸ˜ƒ. Love this Disney Princess paper and love LOVE(!) those mini pastel Mickey Faces by Dress My Craft. Close up πŸ‘‡

After 😊
After 😊

Try making a tri-envelope flip down πŸ‘‡…

Little pink ice cream cone from the new release “Say Cheese Main Street Collection” by Simple Stories. Then we adhered die cut onto a pink paper clip. The stamped ice cream is from Lawn Fawn’s “Simply Summer” set…

By the way if you’re looking for some cool travel journal paper we got you. Look at these yummies πŸ‘‡…

Echo Park’s “Scenic Route” Top of the World paper
Echo Park’s “Scenic Route” Map of Europe paper

We hope you go out and get super messy with a huge baby oil bag of your own 😁 Send us your pics or let us know any questions by commenting below πŸ‘‡ Bunny operators are standing by πŸ™ƒ Til then craft on, Craft Mastersons!

Muah! ❀ The Paper Bunnies

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